What are the highest paying jobs

By | January 3, 2022

What are the highest paying jobs? Because of a job in the future, it is necessary and advisable to know what are the highest paying jobs in the world.

The classification has been prepared by Forbes and by the Government Office of National Statistics, two of the most important statistical organizations, based on international standards, it can guide you in the choice of your professional future. Excluding all those professions, such as singers, soccer players, actors, business owners, etc., the top ten highest paying jobs are as follows:

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1. The highest paying jobs: Members of administrative boards (250,000 euros per year)

Their job is to decide on the actions that the company will carry out, with the burden of responsibility for many employees but with the possibility of proposing the amount of their salary at the meeting.

Requires a lot of experience and proper knowledge, at least a degree and maybe a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is also essential

2. The highest paying jobs: Doctor  (118,000 euros per year)

It has always been considered one of the best-paid jobs, which is why the market is quite saturated. The high income makes up for the long educational journey.

3. The highest paying jobs: Stockbroker  (115,000 euros per year)

Between fancy clothes and expensive cars, imagine life as a stockbroker like Leonardo DiCaprio on The Wolf of Wall Street. Work that consists of acting as a financial intermediary that deals with agreements between companies and individuals where a good nose for business and good relationships is essential.

4. The highest paying jobs: Company director (114,000 euros per year)

It is the lower echelon concerning the member of the board of directors, more focused on specific tasks; it can deal, for example, with the financial or administrative aspect.

5. The highest paying jobs: Public Official (103,000 euros per year)

A large category that includes the entire branch of public offices; Obviously, the very high figure refers only to the highest and most important positions.

6. Airplane pilot (88,000 euros per year)

A highly paid profession, a figure that derives in large part from the difficult and rigid preparation.

7. Financial consultant (75,000 euros per year)

This is also a profession that requires extensive knowledge of the sector, studies in economics, and a master’s degree. This consists of supporting and indicating financial or administrative options to companies

8. Lawyer (74,000 euros per year)

A profession in which good public speaking skills, so much experience, and correct knowledge can make a difference. The high profits make up for the long learning period required to get established.

9. Police officer  (74,000 euros per year)

The highest positions in the forces of Order, such as officers, bailiffs, and inspectors, boast jobs with excellent earnings.

10. Marketing Manager  (72,000 euros per year)

Winning depends directly on the skill and knowledge that marketing managers have about the market trends with the business they will be able to conclude.

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