The Countries with the Highest Average Salary

By | January 5, 2022

Switzerland, the highest average salary country

The ten countries with the highest average salary in the world: up to 82,000 euros. A country’s median salary is an estimate of the average income of workers in that region. Eight of the ten best-scoring countries are Europe, leading Switzerland.

The coronavirus pandemic has had harsh effects on the job market. With worrying unemployment figures and salaries that. According to the Bank of Spain, will plummet between 10% and 15% in our country in 2020. Many people do not rule out the option of going abroad in search of a new job opportunity that allows you to develop your professional career.

Many young people – and not so young – have already chosen to leave the country and others intend to follow in their footsteps in the coming months. When looking for a job in any part of the world, one of the most attractive aspects that should be taken into account is the average salary of the place, that is, the amount of money on average that a worker from that country earns. An average amount that does not have to coincide with the most repeated salary among the population, but rather establishes a relationship between the total number of employees and total salaries.

Unlike the neighboring countries, Spain occupies the 23rd position in the world ranking with an average salary of around 27,000 euros. Above our country France, Italy, the United Kingdom … and many other European countries that occupy the top of the ranking.

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1. Switzerland – 82,098 euros

Switzerland is the country in the world with the highest average salary. An amount that is around 6,800 euros per month, calculating 12 annual payments. In addition, the European country is one of the countries with the highest quality of life index. Thanks to its life expectancy rate and the respect and tolerance of its citizens.

2. Iceland – 70,127 euros

On average, citizens of the Nordic country charge about 70,127 euros per year, that is, 5,844 euros per month. Security and good energy and oil prices make this Nordic country also one of the best countries for quality of life. Which makes it a good destination to live or at least visit.

3. Norway – 62,400 euros

Norway is one of the best-paying countries in the world. The average salary of its citizens stands at 62,000 euros, about 5,200 euros per month. In addition, it is considered by the UN the best country to live in as a consequence of its good public health system and its high life expectancy.

4. Luxembourg – 60,770 euros

The average salary in Luxembourg in 2019 was € 60,770 per year, that is, € 5,064 per month. Among the country’s advantages is the low level of corruption in its institutions, at least that is what its inhabitants consider according to the Corruption Perception Index.

5. Denmark – 57,312 euros

Denmark is the fifth country in the ranking of the ten countries with the highest average salary. Exceeding 57,000 euros per year, citizens obtain, on average, a remuneration of 4,776 euros per month. In addition, according to its inhabitants, it is also the country with the least corruption in the world. and one of the ones that offer the most opportunity to undertake.

6. Australia – 54,520 euros

In this country, citizens receive, on average, 54,520 gross euros per year. It is also the best third country to live in the world due to its high educational level. Specifically, education in Australia accounts for more than five percent of the country’s GDP.

7. Netherlands – 53,198 euros

The European country has an average salary of 53,198 euros per year, that is, 4,433 euros per month. Another favorable feature of the country is that it has one of the lowest inequality rates in the world and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe.

8. Germany – 52,185 euros

It is one of the countries that has attracted the most Spanish talent in recent years and one of the reasons may be its competitive salary that exceeds 4,000 euros per month. Another of its qualities is its commitment to education: almost the entire population of Germany has received higher education, which makes it one of the European countries with the best quality of life.

9. United States – 50,965 euro

The so-called land of opportunities offers on average a salary of 50,965 euros to its citizens. Being one of the best countries to do business, the US also sneaks into this salary classification, occupying the ninth position in the ranking.

10. Belgium – 49,565 euros

Belgium closes the classification. In the European country, an average of 4,130 euros a month is received and, in addition, you can discover charming cities such as Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp or Leuven.

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