The Best Destinations for 2022

By | December 29, 2021

The best destinations for 2022. With the arrival of spring, we begin to think about that dream destination for the year. Not sure where to travel this year? Do you need any recommendations? We want to make that tough decision on where to take your backpack this year. That is why we have prepared these top ten of the best destinations for 2022. We have visited to help you choose your next trip.

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Costa Rica

Arena Volcano, Costa Rica

The best destinations for 2022. If you are a lover of nature tourism, volcanoes, and animals, this is your destination. Costa Rica is one of the most incredible places to feel nature in all its splendor. A country that is devoted almost 100% to the conservation of its different ecosystems with its doctrine of “Pura Vida”. That has known how to use all its natural wealth to exploit it in the best way without harming it. One of the countries where you can wake up next to a volcano. Walk among the treetops of a cloud forest, see a hummingbird perch on your hand and see a red-eyed frog at sunset.



With the return to the scene of Star Wars. The sands of the deserts of Tunisia and the troglodyte houses have returned to be in the sights of tourists. A country that offers much more than the settings of great movies. It is a place that keeps in its corners much to discover about great cultures that passed through these lands, such as the Carthaginians.



If your thing is not to be all summer in a sun lounger and you want to be surprised every day by what nature can show you, Iceland is that destination that will make you live great moments. Called the land of ice and fire, it is a place where every kilometer you walk along the Ring Road you will find a waterfall, ice, smoky earth, and, above all, many sheep!


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Being the first country in the world to be declared a green destination according to Green Destinations, and which in 2016 boasted of being the European Green Capital, it is a destination not so well known that offers incredible lakes, hot springs, caves that will take your breath away, towns that seem to be story and rivers with blue colors. We visited it in autumn and it was one of the best trips we have made at this time of year because of the colors of the forests.


Myanmar, Best destinations for 2022


A country that spent many years under the shadow of its government and that has had a wonderful renaissance in recent years and opened its doors to tourists, who saw it as inaccessible. In a country that revolves around the Buddhist religion, you will be able to know its culture, temples, pagodas, and Inle Lake, its most characteristic image.


Japan, Best Destinations for 2022


Not only will you be surprised by its gastronomy, millenary culture and ancestral temples, you will also find in its modern streets many curiosities and eccentricities of a culture very different from the western one.


Panama, Best Destinations for 2022

Bocas del Torro, Panama

Being the Central American country with the highest economic growth in recent years, it has much to offer, such as the canal, its skyline, the coastal strip, the Bio museum, its old town, and its shopping centers. But it will also surprise you with idyllic places such as white sand beaches on uninhabited islands in Bocas del Toro, San Blas, and Isla Iguana; animals in its jungles or its highlands with coffee plantations and the Barú volcano.


Machu Picchu, Peru

A country that is well known for Machu Picchu and its gastronomy. It is a place with many experiences to discover. You will be able to find different cultures such as the Moche, Chimu, or Nazca. Living in the Amazon with tribes such as the Bora or the Yaguas. Doing adventure tourism doing sandboarding in dunes, river rafting, surfing, and many other activities. This Andean country is one of the most complete to have a trip that you will not forget.


Best destinations for 2022

The Rhine Falls, Switzerland

This country is not one of the cheapest, but we believe that it has many incredible places that should be visited once in a lifetime. Among its attractions, there are charming cities such as Lucerne or Bern, natural places such as the Rheinfall waterfall, with the largest waterfall in Europe, gorges, cliffs, lakes, and the largest glacier in the Alps.

Reunion Island

Reunion Island

If you want a destination of wild and untamed nature. We recommend Reunion Island, located in the Mascareña archipelago right next to Madagascar. You will find on this island volcanic landscapes, impressive waterfalls, and mountains that look like Jurassic Park.


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